Albert Din
Back-end developer, architect of the platform
A student of two ingenious programmers
Albert is the back-end developer of the ORIS.SPACE project. His interest is in programming and working with the blockchain platform. He is an Engineer of Automation in Telemechanics and Communications. Albert has developed an automatic sight with the technology of homing, defining the friend-foe status using the three-dimensional geolocation and determining the characteristics of weapons and the number of cartridges.
Mobile App developer
The main ingenious programmer
Roman is a software engineer with various interests. He has implemented automation projects that make life easier for people. Roman has been working for several years on the development and implementation of psychological programs.
Marketing Manager
Marketing Master
A Master of Science in International Business with five years’ experience in sales and marketing, Abulkhair was engaged in the promotion of travel companies, as well as organizing conferences in the field of retail banking. Here at the ORIS.SPACE project he implements a marketing strategy to promote the platform. He is a skilled media expert who can convey the user’s opinion to the developers and vice versa.
Programmer software developer
Another ingenious programmer
Back-end programmer, writes codes for the ORIS application and has a patent together with Aleksandr Ozerov.
Oris.Space Project Lawyer
Knows all laws
Saule specializes in the securities market. She is currently acquiring new experience and knowledge in the field of blockchain, addressing its development and application. Saule works on the elimination and minimization of legal risks.
Finance specialist
In friendship with figures
Elena is a specialist in finance. Many years of experience in financial management of several companies at the same time.
Dmitrii Badovskii
Big Data Analyst, Engineer-Economist
Mathematical thinking. Author: «Software for technological operations for clearing economic entities and the budget» — Certificate of state registration of the object of intellectual property No. 227 dated 29/12/2001 RK
Administrative Department Manager
Glues stickers on the SCRUM board
Aigerim is responsible for the order and the comfort of everyday life at the office. She is the communication link for the team and an organizing guru. Aigerim is in the Project because of her interest in philosophical anthropology and innovative technologies.
Marketing Manager
"Golden Gate" of Oris.Space project
Yasmin has experience of working in various European companies and at the EXPO 2017 in Astana. She is responsible for the advancement of the ORIS.SPACE platform, as well as for the analysis of incoming information applicable for public relations purposes. Yasmin works on promotional tools for the company and its services.
Sofia Din
Back-end developer
Well...Family, what else to say
Sofia is a third-year student in the field of programming. She does analysis, editing and preparation of the project documentation. Sofia is interested in the scientific confirmation of the Wisdom of the Crowd concept and its capabilities, as well as in the influence of colors on the subconsciousness.


Oris.Space Project Scientific consultant
Physicist, theorist, author of the theory of molecular resonance. Author of more than 400 patents in the scientific field.
The author of Oris.Space films
The owner of White Cloud Production, cameraman, director, producer of films
Academic Supervisor of the KazNTU.
Oris.Space Project consultant
Scientific director of KazNITI Professor of the FIT Chair of Kazakh-British Technical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan Chief Researcher of Information and Computing Technologies of the Institute of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Professor of Natural Sciences and Computing Technologies, Department of the University of ISMA, Riga, Latvia.
Psychologist. ORIS app developer
Irina is the psychologist for the ORIS.SPACE project. She advises on psychology and human design. Irina is a certified psychologist (Kazakh State University), psychological diagnostics specialist, the ICTA Coach, a Theta Healer, an existential psychologist as well as a business consultant.
Visual novel Developer
The developer of the visual novel. Once, for the sake of joking, Irina suggested issuing instructions to the application with the help of «moving pictures on the screen» and surprisingly everyone liked it. Together with Mariam and the novella artist they developed a concept of characters, which are still an integral part of visual novels. She is engaged in programming of light novels like «Instructions».
Artist of the team. The creator of the Oris logo, Oris.Space, Orgon and most visual elements of the project.
ICO Analyst
Our representative of the Z generation, interested in mathematics and physics, Mariam is now responsible for the collection, analysis and the presentation of ideas and is the author of a visual novel. She is highly-skilled at working with search engines. Mariam studied behavior models in artificial intelligence games under nonstandard conditions for two years and then, about a year ago, switched to blockchain technology and is actively researching this topic.
Game analyst
Nurlan analyzes the work with the application for predicting the outcomes of sport events. Summarizes and reports with statistics of answers.