«Intuition is the main way of knowing the root causes of things and phenomena»
«Contemplation of ideas is a kind of immediate knowledge that comes as a sudden insight, presupposing a long preparation of the mind»



ORIS is a humanitarian experimental project aimed at the further development of human nature and improvement of the quality of public relations. We understand any development as a continuous evolutionary progress and increasing personal responsibility to society and Nature. We consider our desire to progress, to invariably become the best version of ourselves, as an indispensable attribute of spiritual growth and civilization. Hidden and not fully understood human capabilities need to be updated now more than ever. Effective methods of obtaining, preserving and increasing knowledge are clear signs of evolutionary growth. We are talking about Intuition, as of one of the reliable ways to obtain true knowledge, and we consider the direct perception of Information to be a reliable source to grow the evolutionary baggage of Humanity. We study the Ecology of Consciousness, the science of peaceful and harmonious interaction of individuals in the Сommon Information Space. The ORIS project is designed to create, strengthen and purify links in the Common Information Space, where each individual’s consciousness is inextricably linked to the other’s and forms a common Co-Knowledge from disparate individual experiments. Public development is unthinkable without the development of the economy. Money is the blood in the body of the economy, and it is impossible for the body to stay healthy without a proper and unhindered circulation of the blood in the circulatory system. The release of Orgon tokens is not a tribute to trends and is not a technical imperative of the time. We see Orgon as a single, universal instrument of communication between the participants of the ORIS project.


«Any human knowledge begins with intuition, passes to concepts and ends with ideas»

Emmanuel Kant


A man has needed the information obtained from his intuition in addition to his rational analytics since ancient times. His search for a reliable system of prediction and reliable information has brought him far and sometimes caused him to deviate to the most remote areas of knowledge, from the fortune telling with yarrow stems and writing the Book of Changes to spiritualism and fortune telling with tarot cards. Even in our time of convinced materialism it is difficult to find a person who, at the time of a decision-making crisis, has not thrown a coin at least once and asked, " heads or tails"? The ORIS mobile application is a trusted and constantly available agent and adviser, to whom you can address any question without fear that your information requests will be rejected or used for manipulation.
The degree of reliability of the information obtained depends on you only, on how openly, profoundly and sincerely you participate in the search for the answers and help to get them for others.


«The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift»

Albert Einstein


Every person’s consciousness is linked to the other’s through the Common Information Space. We turn to collective knowledge for answers.


«It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition that we discover.»

Henri Poincaré

Our application

Ask your own questions and get reliable answers

«Intuition of all is better than the wisdom of every man of genius.»

André Maurois


The answers obtained are processed using a mathematical model that determines the quality of respondents’ answers based on the likely approach of the Machine Learning Algorithms (e.g. Bayes). The algorithm of deep neural networks is used for the purposes of data analysis and simulation of various phenomena.


«Intuition is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile.»

Nikola Tesla


The ORIS platform is applicable in many areas of science and business. Every specialist can obtain useful and relevant information.


«Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.»

Steve Jobs


Ever since the birth of the first social formations our humanity in one way or another has sought to achieve democracy, the structure of society based on the method of collective decision-making with all participants having an equal impact on the outcome of the process. However, historical experience shows that numerous attempts to create an ideal democracy have not yet been crowned with success. There are good reasons behind this, as Plato determined that «excessive democracy inevitably entails tyranny.» Later many other philosophers, including Aristotle and Cicero, came to the conclusion that democracy as the power of most indigent citizens acting solely in favor of their own majority is a distorted form of true democracy. This does not mean that freedom, equality and the absence of human exploitation by man, our eternal social ideals, are an unattainable horizon though. In search of a solution to this problem, progressive human thought has opened another method of social relations, the DAO, a decentralized autonomous community.




// 27.08.2018

ORIS.Space Team

CLOSED AREAS appeared on the ORIS app on Android. Every user who wants to conduct research can create an area, write an instruction to the area's participants and conduct their surveys.

// 07.07.2018

ORIS.Space Team

The Press Release about the work done is available on the oris.space website in articles section.

// 18.06.2018

ORIS.Space Team

An updated promo video "A new world today". You can watch it through the link on our YouTube channel. 

// 01.06.2018

ORIS.Space Team

Presenting to you our updated White Paper.

// 23.04.2018

ORIS.Space Team

The oris.space web-site has been improved. This web-site is dedicated to the Oris mobile application, where you can find detailed information on «How it works».

// 20.04.2018

ORIS.Space Team

Last week we received preliminary results of the ICO audit of our project, which was conducted by ICOrating. Following the recommendations received, we are improving the structure of WhitePaper and the orisspace.io web-site.

// 11.04.2018

ORIS.Space Team

We launch the Bounty Campaign together with our partners, the TokenGo platform, which will be launched on 13.04.18.

// 06.04.2018

ORIS.Space Team

Introducing our new promo video Orgon ORIS ICO.
In our opinion, the image of the tree, grown by the joint efforts of the DAO participants, best reflects our ideology.

// 30.03.2018

ORIS.Space Team

Dear Friends, the smart contract of our project is already published on GitHub.

// 28.03.2018

ORIS.Space Team

For convenience of users in the prototype of Oris application new functions are added and the design is changed. 
Do you want to know what's new in the app? Go and check it.

// 25.03.2018

ORIS.Space Team

In Almaty, February 16, 2018 #Cryptoconference was held, on which co-founder of the project Oris.Space Alexandr Kolokhmatov was talking about DAO and DAICO as a speaker. The video with his performance is already available on our YouTube channel.

// 20.03.2018

ORIS.Space Team

On our website Orisspace.io, a new application form for purchasing Orgon tokens is now available.

// 01.03.2018

ORIS.Space Team,

We have identified our Soft Cap: $ 40 million. Soft Cap is the lower limit for raising funds for the ICO. If we do not collect this information, all the invested funds will be returned to the depositors. This condition will be spelled out in a smart contract.

// 01.03.2018

ORIS.Space Team,

We together with our partners from ABDK Consulting started developing a smart contract. The auditor of this smart contract will be the company Juscutum.

// 28.02.2018

ORIS.Space Team,

Did you want to speed up? Our application has moved to a new server. The speed of information processing increased 10 times.

// 20.02.2018

ORIS.Space Team,

You wonder what is DAO and how it works? We have prepared a Memorandum — the constitution of our decentralized community. (You can download it here)

// 14.02.2018

ORIS.Space Team,

February 16 in Almaty will be #cryptoconference2018, where Alexander Kolokhmatov (co-founder of ORIS.Space) will talk about the weak and strong points of the #DAICO idea proposed by Vitalik Buterin, and on the example of DAO.ORIS.Space will figure out how it was realized last year.

// 07.02.2018

ORIS.Space Team,

Great news for iOS users: a new version of the ORIS application is already available in the AppStore.

// 30.01.2018

ORIS.Space Team,

We have applied more than 10 major corrections (and more than 30 small ones) to our WhitePaper. Today we are ready to present the final version of our main document.


2015 — 16

  • The idea of creating a Blockchain project was born;
  • Work was started with TechGarden, IoT, FinTech, and Blockchain;
  • Research on the new solutions from Blockchain;
  • The search for a solution to emerge to help users work in the system of predictions and forecasts;
  • Kaz.One deterministic search engine algorithm development;
  • Patents received for the development of the algorithm for deterministic data retrieval.


  • Experiments with BTC mining. Visit to the Blockchain conference in Moscow;
  • ORIS concepts development; financial model development;
  • The first version of the Whitepaper; preparation of presentation materials;
  • Preparation for the ICO; domain names registration;
  • Visit to the conference in Kazan;
  • The second version of the Whitepaper;
  • The beginning of the community formation for testing prototypes;
  • Shooting commercials;
  • Participation in conferences in Moscow and Almaty;
  • Testing the prototype;
  • Participation in the conference in Kiev;
  • Platform prototype;
  • alfa version of the mobile application;
  • Participation in the conference in Moscow;
  • beta version of the android application;
  • DAO memorandum;
  • alfa version of the application for IOS;
  • Obtaining a patent for development;
  • Collaboration with Sigma Labs;
  • «Blockchain» and «JPProtocol» novel creation.

2018 (Q1)

  • Expanding the functionality of the mobile application;
  • 1000+ registered beta testers for the application;
  • Effectiveness confirmation of the intuition reference algorithm;
  • Method development for questioning and obtaining answers for general use;
  • Services and API: geo-targeting, filtering;
  • Automatic answers validation system has been developed;
  • Testing the system of automatic validation on the results of football matches confirmed the method efficiency;
  • The «Wisdom of the Crowd» is implemented as a mechanism for more accurate forecasts;
  • Participation in the CryptoEvent Conference in Almaty.

2018 (Q2)

  • Bounty campaign promotion in partnership with the TokenGo platform;
  • April 19. — Start of the ICO;
  • The Orgon token release on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20 support;
  • Design, testing and auditing of a smart contract (JP Protocol);
  • Beta version of the ORIS.SPACE platform;
  • Design of a mathematical model of the Orgon token ecosystem;
  • Processing the quality of respondents’ responses using a mathematical model based on the probabilistic approach of the Machine Learning algorithms;
  • Joint workshops and seminars with Sigma Labs.

2018 (Q3)

  • The Standalone Node creation;
  • Implementation of the deep neural networks algorithms for data analysis and simulation of various phenomena;
  • Design of additional services for qualified users;
  • Cooperation with representatives from the scientific community (cryptographers, psychologists, marketers and sociologists).

2018 (Q4)

  • The implementation of the full functionality of the ORIS application.


  • Possibility to sell Orgon tokens to the JP protocol for obtaining ETH;
  • Provision of some access for third-party application developers to our platform;
  • External AI engines.


Oris.Space Founder.
ORIS app developer
Alexander is a research engineer and a mystic, with 20 years of IT experience in banking. He has devoted the last 5 years to independent activities and the implementation of his own ideas. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies allowed him to implement his ideas in the field of collective intelligence in the form of the ORIS.SPACE project
Oris.Space Founder.
Head of Technical Department
A radio engineer with a broad-minded education in the field of information technology, Alexander has experience in document management systems design and has participated in managing a software development company. He is engaged in the strategic planning of technical development within the project and manages the design and development team.
Oris.Space Founder.
EBRD Mentor
Galiya has a degree in economics and cybernetics, as well as 20 years of experience in the stock market. She is a businesswoman who has dedicated the last 5 years to IT projects. Blockchain has opened new possibilities for the application of all the accumulated experience which she can implement here at the ORIS.SPACE project.
Oris.Space Founder.
By education, a programmer and an economist. 15 years of experience in the field of business management and promotion. Introduction to the technology of blockchain has made it possible to expand the possibilities of attracting investors to the Startup project.


Mamed Sadykh-Pur
Brand manager (author of the ideological concept)
The technologist of creative processes. The author of the ideological concept of ORIS. SPACE. Composer, director, playwright.
Merey Sarsengeldin
Head of Oris.Space-Data Analytics Laboratory
Head of Analytical Laboratory Ass. Professor, Ph.D.
Albert Din
Back-end developer, architect of the platform
A student of two ingenious programmers
Albert is the back-end developer of the ORIS.SPACE project. His interest is in programming and working with the blockchain platform. He is an Engineer of Automation in Telemechanics and Communications. Albert has developed an automatic sight with the technology of homing, defining the friend-foe status using the three-dimensional geolocation and determining the characteristics of weapons and the number of cartridges.
Mobile App developer
The main ingenious programmer
Roman is a software engineer with various interests. He has implemented automation projects that make life easier for people. Roman has been working for several years on the development and implementation of psychological programs.
Marketing Manager
Marketing Master
A Master of Science in International Business with five years’ experience in sales and marketing, Abulkhair was engaged in the promotion of travel companies, as well as organizing conferences in the field of retail banking. Here at the ORIS.SPACE project he implements a marketing strategy to promote the platform. He is a skilled media expert who can convey the user’s opinion to the developers and vice versa.
He created this site
Yerlan’s main tools are HTML5, CSS3, jаvascript, as well as CMS DLE, WordPress and OpenCart; he relies on a modular approach in his work. Each of his websites is built to be friendly for search engines and users by using up-to-date principles and methods of web development.
Programmer software developer
Another ingenious programmer
Back-end programmer, writes codes for the ORIS application and has a patent together with Aleksandr Ozerov.
Oris.Space Project Lawyer
Knows all laws
Saule specializes in the securities market. She is currently acquiring new experience and knowledge in the field of blockchain, addressing its development and application. Saule works on the elimination and minimization of legal risks.
Finance specialist
In friendship with figures
Elena is a specialist in finance. Many years of experience in financial management of several companies at the same time.
She finished this site
Katerina is responsible for the front-end part of the website. She designed the layouts for over 20 websites, changing her job from 1С programmer in the past to the front-end developer. She is now actively learning PHP.
Dmitrii Badovskii
Big Data Analyst, Engineer-Economist
Mathematical thinking. Author: «Software for technological operations for clearing economic entities and the budget» — Certificate of state registration of the object of intellectual property No. 227 dated 29/12/2001 RK
Administrative Department Manager
Glues stickers on the SCRUM board
Aigerim is responsible for the order and the comfort of everyday life at the office. She is the communication link for the team and an organizing guru. Aigerim is in the Project because of her interest in philosophical anthropology and innovative technologies.
Marketing Manager
"Golden Gate" of Oris.Space project
Yasmin has experience of working in various European companies and at the EXPO 2017 in Astana. She is responsible for the advancement of the ORIS.SPACE platform, as well as for the analysis of incoming information applicable for public relations purposes. Yasmin works on promotional tools for the company and its services.
ICO Analyst
Our representative of the Z generation, interested in mathematics and physics, Mariam is now responsible for the collection, analysis and the presentation of ideas and is the author of a visual novel. She is highly-skilled at working with search engines. Mariam studied behavior models in artificial intelligence games under nonstandard conditions for two years and then, about a year ago, switched to blockchain technology and is actively researching this topic.
Sofia Din
Back-end developer
Well...Family, what else to say
Sofia is a third-year student in the field of programming. She does analysis, editing and preparation of the project documentation. Sofia is interested in the scientific confirmation of the Wisdom of the Crowd concept and its capabilities, as well as in the influence of colors on the subconsciousness.
Game analyst
A Friend of all gamers
Nurlan analyzes the work with the application for predicting the outcomes of sport events. Summarizes and reports with statistics of answers.


Oris.Space Project Scientific consultant
Physicist, theorist, author of the theory of molecular resonance. Author of more than 400 patents in the scientific field.
Oris.Space Project consultant
Psycholinguist, the author of a unique technology for language teaching.
The author of Oris.Space films
The owner of White Cloud Production, cameraman, director, producer of films
Academic Supervisor of the KazNTU.
Oris.Space Project consultant
Scientific director of KazNITI Professor of the FIT Chair of Kazakh-British Technical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan Chief Researcher of Information and Computing Technologies of the Institute of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Professor of Natural Sciences and Computing Technologies, Department of the University of ISMA, Riga, Latvia.
Psychologist. ORIS app developer
Irina is the psychologist for the ORIS.SPACE project. She advises on psychology and human design. Irina is a certified psychologist (Kazakh State University), psychological diagnostics specialist, the ICTA Coach, a Theta Healer, an existential psychologist as well as a business consultant.
Visual novel Developer
The developer of the visual novel. Once, for the sake of joking, Irina suggested issuing instructions to the application with the help of «moving pictures on the screen» and surprisingly everyone liked it. Together with Mariam and the novella artist they developed a concept of characters, which are still an integral part of visual novels. She is engaged in programming of light novels like «Instructions».
Artist of the team. The creator of the Oris logo, Oris.Space, Orgon and most visual elements of the project.